How to hack PSP with version 6.20 or lower (PERMANENT HACK)

This tutorial teaches you how to fully hack your PSP.

What do you need:


  • Download Hack Pack V3http://www.filesonic...file/2082725804
  • Extract hack pack V3.rar to your Desktop.
  • Now you have two folders named 'PROUPDATE' and '620PRO_Permanent'.
  • Connect your PSP to computer
  • Copy these folders to your memory stick, folder /PSP/GAME/.
  • Disconnect PSP from computer and go GAMES ⇘ Memory Stick
  • Launch program named 'Update'.
  • You're on black window, always press X
  • Now launch program named 'Permanent Bootloader' (If you have PSP Go, then firstly press X, then X. PSP reboots and if everything OK continue reading, if something wrong, then don't launch Permanent Boot-loader again. This means you can't have permanent patch.)
  • You're on black window again, press X, then O
  • Congratulations, your PSP hacked. Now you can delete those two programs and check your System firmware version. It should be 6.20 PRO, if it's not, read tutorial again, you missed something.
  • Now you can play your downloaded games. Games are located here.

Please report if it doesn't work for you.
Attention: if you do not follow all steps one after another you can brick your psp permanently!